15 Feb, 2016

The Friends of St Helena Membership/Subscriptions secretary is Margaret Dyson.  

Membership payments and Subscriptions to St Helena Connection should be sent to her (address details on the Membership page of this website and also on the 2nd page of St Helena Connection).

5 Feb, 2015

At the Committee Meeting held on 5th February, 2015, the Committee was very pleased to welcome a new Committee Member:  Chris Newman.

Arrangements were agreed for the Friends of St Helena Annual General Meeting to be held at the Oxford University Club on 13th June 2015.

It was agreed to hold the October Members' Meeting at the Victory Services Club, London, on 25th October 2015.

19 Oct, 2014

"A Precarious Livelihood": "In 1834, the sovereignty of St Helena reverted to the Crown. The Government sent out two Commissioners of Inquiry to investigate how the island was run under the Company rule and how costs could
be reduced to make it self supporting - a task that has eluded governments up to the present time. This book
is a transcription of the Commissioners' report. Its value lies in the detail it reveals of how the island was administered .... "

"St Helena Britannica
": studies in South Atlantic island history, by Trevor W. Hearl; edited by A.H. Schulenburg.  BOOK REVIEW, By John Pinfold.

3 Aug, 2014

St Helena Britannica - Studies in South Atlantic Island History

The Friends of St Helena launched this book at its Annual General Meeting, June 2013.   Copies are still available to buy.  

For more information and contact details here

27 Jul, 2014

At the Meeting held on 24th July, the Committee was very pleased to welcome a new Committee Member:  Patricia Young.

At the same meeting, it was decided that the Society's Annual General Meeting 2015 will not be held at Lord Rosebery's Estate, Edinburgh, due to a number of unforeseen difficulties that have come to light after some preliminary enquiries.

30 Jun, 2014

At the Annual General Meeting on 7 June 2014, it was announced that Pamela Ward has resigned as Chairman of Friends of St Helena due to her moving back to St Helena.   The Committee would like to thank Pamela for the wise and helpful way she Chaired meetings and wishes her, and her family, a very happy and successful future.   

Edward Baldwin and Ian Mathieson have agreed to replace her as Joint Chairmen of the Society.

15 Feb, 2014

Due to the ongoing updating to the Friends' website, there may be disruption of service in the short-term.   We do apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

12 Nov, 2013

Ian Bruce has formally tendered his resignation from the Society's committee.   The committee would like to thank Ian for his contribution and hard work - he had previously served in the positions of Website Manager and Membership Secretary.

28 Jul, 2013

The Executive Committee met on Thursday, 25th July where a number of decisions were made or confirmed:

     1.   The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Liverpool Slave Museum on Saturday, 7th June, 2014.

     2.   There has been a change in the Officers of the Society:

                 Margaret Dyson has been confirmed as Website Manager in place of Ian Bruce.   Ian remains on the Committee.

     3.   Arrangements are in progress to hold the AGM of June 2015 at Lord Rosebery's Estate, 


26 Jun, 2013

The management of the Society's website has now been passed from Ian Bruce to Margaret Dyson. 

I have been a member of FOSH for some years after finding that an ancestor was born on the Island.   I look forward to successfully managing the website and would thank Ian Bruce for an afternoon's course on management techniques.   I hope that I shall be able to continue with Ian's high standards. Emails to me should be addressed to website@sthelena.uk.net 

14 May, 2013

Based on research undertaken by Colin Fox, we have published a detailed list of men serving in the St Helena Regiment in 1819 and 1827.  Not only does this provide the names, rank and ages of all these men, but also at their place of origin, former occupations, on which ship they arrived and which year, their place of embarkation and previous military employment. 

This information is restricted to members of the Society who should log into the members-only section of our web site with their user name and password. Please email the Membership Secretary if you have lost your password.

20 Jan, 2013

As previously advised (26 October 2012), Friends of St Helena plan to publish the book "St Helena Britannica" at their AGM at Oxford on 8 June 2013. Further details are now available. The book will comprise 30 chapters (one more than previously advised), and the total contents will be as follows:

Editor’s Preface
About the Author (By the Author)
Chapter  1 - The Age of Discovery and St Helena’s ‘Man in the Moon’
Chapter  2 - The Troubles of a 17th Century Surgeon: Francis Moore of St Helena 
Chapter  3 - St Helena’s Forgotten Frenchmen: The Huguenot Wine Project
Chapter  4 - A Fortress Image: The Lambert-Scott Portrait and its Plagiarists
Chapter  5 - East Indiamen via St Helena
Chapter  6 - St Helena’s Pioneer Telegraph System
Chapter  7 - The Southern Whale Fishery: St Helena Rendezvous, 1780-1930
Chapter  8 - How Secure was St Helena in 1815?
Chapter  9 - Sir Hudson’s Headache: The Governor, The Admiral, and Supplies for St Helena
Chapter 10 - ‘Derby Days’ at Deadwood: Highlights of Horse Racing at St Helena
Chapter 11 - A Curious Coincidence?: Catherine Younghusband and the Obins Memorial
Chapter 12 - Saving Napoleon’s Soul at St Helena: “What Happened at Mason’s Stock House”
Chapter 13 - Saul Solomon of St Helena, 1776-1852
Chapter 14 - Richard Prince/Samuel Hopewell & Co., St Helena Merchants
Chapter 15 - Darwin’s Island
Chapter 16 - St Helena’s Social Revolution, 1834-1869: The Evidence of the Brooke-Scott Letters
Chapter 17 - The Melliss Family and the Oakbank Letters
Chapter 18 - Consuls and Consular Agents at St Helena
Chapter 19 - Longwood Observatory
Chapter 20 - Commodore Perry at St Helena in 1853
Chapter 21 - Baptists Pioneers of St Helena
Chapter 22 - St Paul’s Cathedral, St Helena: An Architectural Footnote
Chapter 23 - Some ‘Anglo-Indian’ and Other Memorials at St Helena
Chapter 24 - Insects and Origins
Chapter 25 - Forlorn Fortress
Chapter 26 - St Helena’s Pioneer Photographer: John Isaac Lilley
Chapter 27 - The Rise and Fall of James Francis Homagee, 1846-1919
Chapter 28 - When Penal Reform was on Trial at St Helena
Chapter 29 - St Helena as a Coaling Station: A Summary of Evidence
Chapter 30 - In Search of the St Helena Magazine
Trevor W. Hearl: A Select Bibliography

12 Nov, 2012

As part of a wider project to increase the Society's Google ranking for online searches relating to St Helena, we are switching our web site address to www.sthelena.uk.net. We have actually been running our web pages from both addresses for several months now, but as from today anyone going to the old www.fosh.org.uk address will automatically be redirected to the new www.sthelena.uk.net address.  Any member experiencing problems with this transfer should email the web site manager, Ian Bruce

26 Oct, 2012

This long awaited collection of papers on St Helena by the late Trevor W. Hearl (1924-2007) comprises an introduction and thirty chapters, as well as an editor’s preface and a select bibliography of Hearl’s writings on this South Atlantic island. These papers had previously been published only as typescript leaflets and in small specialist journals. The chapters cover aspects of St Helena’s history from its discovery to the 1950s, including sixteenth and seventeenth century visitors and surgeons, East India shipping, the island’s Huguenots and Baptists, telegraphs, the Napoleonic period, island merchants, horse racing, Darwin and other natural historians, church memorials, photography and publishing, as well as St Helena’s role as a whaling port and coaling station.

The book will be of relevance to anyone with an interest in St Helena and the East India Company, as well as to readers with a general interest in the history of the British Empire.

It will be published in hardback, comprise 375 pages, 170mm x 235mm, b/w illustrations in text and index. THE BOOK CAN BE ORDERED NOW at the pre-publication price of £20 post free. If you order by 31 December 2012, your name will be included in a list of subscribers in the book, if you so wish; please confirm with order. The published price will be £25 post free. Please Order from Ian Mathieson MILES APART, Barwood House, Grants Lane, Ramsbottom, Lancs BL0 9DB, UK. Tel +44(0)1706 826467, email imathieson2000@yahoo.co.uk 

14 Sep, 2012

The Executive Committee met on Friday 14 September where a number of decisions were made or confirmed:

  1. The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Oxford University Club on Saturday 8 June.  Full details of that meeting will be published in early 2013.
  2. It has been decided to hold the Annual Meeting in June to avoid clashing with the St Helena Association or Swindon Group’s activities on the Saturday of St Helena Day in May.
  3. There have been several changes in Officers of the Society:
    1. As announced on 16 June, Trevor Reynolds (18 Badgers Close, Woking, GU21 3JF) has replaced Ian Bruce as Membership Secretary. All subscription payments should in future be sent to Trevor.
    2. Ian Bruce remains manager of the Society's web site.
    3. Colin Fox (editor of Wirebird, 20 Ormond Road, Wantage, Oxfordshire. OX12 8EG) has replaced Vicky Beal as Treasurer.
  4. In future the distribution of our two publications St Helena Connection and Wirebird will be sent out by the Society's Secretary, Brian Frederick.

16 Jun, 2012

The Committee are pleased to announce that Trevor Reynolds has volunteered to take over the role of Membership Secretary from Ian Bruce.  Trevor and Ian will work in tandem for the next few weeks with Trevor handling all new issues and Ian signing off a few residual projects.  Trevor's day job is as Registrar of Museum Collections for English Heritage in York.  He has also been membership Secretary for the Tolkien Society.

Ian will continue to act as Web Site Manager for the Society.

22 Apr, 2012 Following the resignation of Ian Bruce from the FoSH Committee as Membership Secretary and Web Site Manager, nobody has yet volunteered to undertake these duties. It is important that essential administrative actions continue to be taken, especially at this time of year when a large number of members renew their membership and in the run-up to the AGM. Therefore, Ian Bruce has today rejoined the Executive Committee, resuming his duties until his replacement/s have been found.

3 Mar, 2012

As announced on the 8th January, Ian Bruce has had to leave the Executive Committee for Friends of St Helena because of the deteriorating health of his wife. This took effect at the Committee meeting held on the 3rd March.

Since nobody has yet been found to take over Ian's roles as Membership Secretary and Website Manager, all enquiries relating to these subjects should temporally be sent directly to the Chairman, Pamela Ward-Pearce. It would be helpful if emails continue to be respectively addressed to the Membership Secretary, Web Site Manager or Chairman, although each of these email links will for the moment go to Pamela. This temporary arrangement will cease once volunteers are found.

8 Jan, 2012 Ian Bruce has unfortunately given notice that he is forced to leave the Executive Committee of Friends of St Helena because of the deteriorating health of his wife.  His resignation will take effect as soon as the Committee can approve the appointment of a new Membership Secretary and Website Manager. The Committee would be interested in hearing from any member or members of the Society who would like to take over these duties. In the first instance please email subscriptions@fosh.org.uk

3 Jan, 2012 Friends of St Helena are pleased to announce plans to shortly add transcriptions of the 1819 and 1827 muster lists of East India Company soldiers and officers serving on St Helena in these years. The lists will include their name, rank, age, where they originated from (country ie England, Wales etc and sometimes the County), their previous occupation, the ship they arrived on and the year of arrival on the island, where they had previously served (many were ex British Army, some were from India) and their date of enlistment. The names will be available for all to see on our web site but the other details will only be available to members of our Society. Full details of membership of Friends of St Helena are published on our web site.

2 Jan, 2012

Are you a Saint living overseas? If you would you like to find out about the many opportunities arising from the construction of an airport on St Helena, please take a few minutes to complete a short survey by clicking this link.

31 Dec, 2011

Friends of St Helena are very pleased to announce that Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, has been given a knighthood in the New Years Honours list for his work in the public service. Bob Russell has for many years championed the cause for St Helena in the House of Commons. Full details are given in a government press release.

4 Aug, 2011

The following decisions were taken by members of the Executive Committee:

  1. A vote was taken to welcome Lisa Hopkins and John Pinfold onto the Committee as co-opted members.
  2. The date for the next Annual General Meeting  has been provisionally set as Saturday the 19th May 2012.  Two possible venues are being explored.  Full details will be posted in due course.
  3. The cover price of St Helena Connection will be increased from £2.50 to £3.00.  The Society posts copies of St Helena Connection to a number of people who are not full members and a decision was made to increase the fee for this as follows:  From £6 to £7.50 per annum for UK subscribers; from £10 to £12 for overseas subscribers.  The increases will take effect when these subscribers next make their annual payment in January 2012.
  4. A decision was made to move the subscription system from a fixed year (start of June through to the end of May the following year) to a movable year.  For members this has the benefit that members will henceforth always enjoy a full 12-month subscription period.  This new policy is effective for all subscriptions paid after the 4th August 2011.
  5. Members who are late in paying their subscription will be given two months leeway before their details are removed from the database.
  6. It was agreed to significantly enhance the web site by the addition of new areas, each of which will be designed to provide new information about St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.  The benefits of moving from the www.fosh.org.uk  to a domain name that better describes our interest will also be examined.

18 Jun, 2011 We regret to announce the death of our founding chairman Terry Spens on 17th June.  A memorial service was held at Grantchester Parish Church, Cambridgeshire on Monday 25th July 2011. 

In due course we expect to have a full obituary covering Terry's life and involvement with St Helena. In the meantime we reproduce (from St Helena Connection No 7)
a tribute written by Ivy Ellick on the occasion of Terry's 90th birthday

21 May, 2011

At the Annual General Meeting, held at Kenwood House, a vote was taken by members to raise the cost of annual subscriptions as follows:

  • UK Members:  From £15 to £20.
  • St Helena Members:  Unchanged at £10.
  • All Other Overseas Members:  From £25 to £30.
  • Life Members, wherever they live:  Unchanged at £300.

These increases will take immediate effect for all new members.  For existing members, the increase takes effect in a year's time, i.e. for the year commencing 1st June 2012.

The meeting heard presentations of the accounts (Vicky Beale), membership and web site (Ian Bruce), Wirebird (Colin Fox) and St Helena Connection (Ian Mathieson).  Following on from the presentation about the new web site, partially  aimed at boosting membership levels, a discussion ensued of other ways to achieve this end.

After the meeting, and subject to a confirmatory vote by the existing Committee, two new members were co-opted onto the Committee - Lisa Hopkins and John Pinfold. 

11 May, 2011

Friends of St Helena have launched their new web site.  This features a members-only section accessible by subscribers for the year starting 1st June 2011 after they enter their user name and password.  The launch was announced several weeks ahead of schedule so as to allow members the opportunity to examine it before discussions at the AGM at Kenwood House on the 21st May.

Several sections of the site are still being developed, including the introduction of a new Paypal payment facility, slightly delayed as a result of some technical issues.  

19 Mar, 2011 The following decisions were taken by members of the Executive Committee:
  1. To recommend at the next AGM that the membership subscription fee for all members other than those living at St Helena be increased by £5 from the start of our new year on the 1st June 2011.  This increase would be affective immediately for new members, existing members only paying an increased fee from the 1st June 2012.
  2. To drop the existing £25 joint UK membership category (two members at the same address).   Only one person in a household now needs to be a member for their partner to attend our meetings.
  3. As an additional step towards simplifying the membership subscription structure, the long-standing practice of sending our magazines to recipients who are not full members will be reviewed.
  4. With the aim of improving efficiencies, that the Membership Secretary will in future maintain the membership database and receive all payments.
  5. Because the Membership Secretary controls the database, that official should also undertake all postal distribution of magazines or communications to members.
  6. To launch a new web site with an updated presentation, a members-only area, an automated Paypal payment facility and a centralised membership database.

18 Dec, 2010
St Helena's new “High Knoll Road to Restoration” appeal has received its first donation - £500 from the Friends of St Helena. This campaign was officially launched on the island at a special High Knoll event on Saturday 18th December.

High_KnollHigh Knoll is currently closed after two sections of wall collapsed and the appeal aims to raise funds to get the much-loved fort restored and open full-time for islanders and visitors. National Trust Director Jamie Roberts hopes that the Friends donation will inspire others to support the appeal. “With no local Government resources available for built heritage we have to attract funding from overseas. The Friends of St Helena have set a wonderful example which we hope others who love St Helena and its heritage will follow.”

Vice Chairman Edward Baldwin says “High Knoll Fort is the largest and most visible of St Helena’s endangered buildings. If together we can raise the funds to repair it, that will bode well for the future of other equally important but less visible structures. The preservation of St Helena’s historic houses and military buildings is vital for the economic future of the Island.”

21 Sep, 2010 Dr Alexander Schulenburg resigned from the Committee due to pressure of other commitments.  Since editorship of The Wirebird has normally been undertaken by a Committee member, Alexander also offered to resign that position too.  This was accepted at the FoSH Committee meeting on the the 24th September and the appointment of Colin Fox as the new editor was unanimously agreed.  At the same meeting it was agreed that Ian Bruce would take over from Brian Fredericks the role as Membership Secretary, with a focus on recruiting additional members.

3 Aug, 2010 Dr Alexander Schulenburg passed over his responsibilities for the Friends of St Helena web site to another Committee member, Ian Bruce.  The Committee are very grateful for the contribution Alexander has made to the Society in creating our web site from scratch a number of years ago and in maintaining it ever since.  His work on the site has been additional to his long-standing role as Editor of Wirebird.